BTBWB is excited to announce that WE Villages will be working with Alliana to raise the necessary funds to build a school in Nicaragua! WE Villages will also be managing the project of building the school when the funds are raised.

WE Villages believes in a world where all children - girls and boys - have access to education and where no child has to work to ensure their family's survival. Further to this, WE understands that poverty is a complex issue where tackling only one issue does not break the cycle of poverty. WE has developed a model that addresses teh five prmary causes of poverty with holistic and sustainable solutions to lift communities out of poverty. These five pillars are: 

  • Education
  • Water
  • Health
  • Food 
  • Opportunity

BTBWB believes strongly in the ability that education gives people to change their futures. But building a school in a community that cannot support the school is a short term solution and does not provide a long term solution. This is why BTBWB is excited to work with WE! WE's history of building schools within the model of the five pillars offers a greater chance of success than just building a school. 

Alliana started designing and selling greeting cards and postcards to raise money for education. She has since written a book to also help raise funds for this goal. Building a school through WE Villages will cost about $10,000. All purchases of BTBWB merchandise support this goal of building the school. Please visit our online store to browse our catalog. 

With this partnership with WE Villages, donations of $10 or more made directly to this cause are now eligible for a tax receipt. Any donations can be made directly to the BTBWB Build a School Fund which you can find HERE

This is an exciting opportunity for BTBWB, and we are so grateful to WE Villages for their encouragement and help in making Alliana's dream a reality! 

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